When I moved into my last apartment, I decided to categorise all my clothes by the different occasions I would wear them at. It took me three days. The first time my Mum came to visit she was appalled. ‘You have so many clothes’, she constantly said. ‘You could run your own thrift shop out of your bedroom and still have more than enough things to wear’.


The amount of clothes that I own is a running joke between my friends and family. It is completely normal for my girlfriends to begin getting ready for a night out with, ‘I’m going to go shopping in your room’. My wardrobe steadily became some sort of communal boutique, clothing not just myself, but many people around me in assorted party outfits.


If people start looking at your closet as a dress shop, then it is probably a good time to rent out your wardrobe. In my case, it’s not that different from what I do on a weekly basis, but instead of getting a thank you or a small glass of wine in return for the outfit, I get paid.


For those of you who are thinking about whether to become a lender or not, here are our 5 signs that you should rent out your wardrobe.

You have a lot of clothes. Like, a lot.

Rent Out Your Wardrobe

How to know if you have too many clothes I hear you ask?

If you frequently hear, ‘I’ve never seen you wear that before’ from your close friends, then you probably have too many clothes. If you have a separate wardrobe just for all of your party clothes, then you probably have too many clothes. If you have enough jackets that you can wear a new one every day for a fortnight, then… you get the point.



You have multiple expensive dresses that you have only worn once



Let’s get technical for a second. Think about your favourite pair of jeans. I’m going to guess that they cost about £40, and you have probably worn them hundreds of tim=es.


Now think about your favourite party dress. If I had to guess, I would say this probably cost you about £100, and you’ve worn it under six times. Am I right?


Dresses usually rent for roughly 20% of the price that they were bought at. So, if you rent out this dress as much as you’ve worn it yourself then you’ve covered the cost of the dress!


There are outfits in your wardrobe that you are saving for special occasions



I bet that every person reading this has at least one outfit that they have never worn (or haven’t worn in years) but they’ve kept to one side, because they are saving it for a special occasion.


Realistically, unless you are a Kardashian, you don’t really need a small collection of designer dresses waiting in your wardrobe. If the types of parties where you would wear these outfits happen once a year, then that leaves you with a least 364 days where you aren’t getting any use of out them at all.


You have lots of smart work clothes that don’t suit your current role


When you change jobs, your wardrobe often changes with it. If you find yourself in the position of having a vast collection of blazers, and a new role that encourages dress down Friday every day of the week, it might be a good idea to rent these items out.


Understandably, you don’t want to discard a whole working wardrobe, in case you might need it again in a few years. By renting, you monetise the items that are currently unworn but can easily recover these garments if you need them again in the future.


There are clothes that you want out of your wardrobe but don’t want to get rid of forever


If you own clothes that you can’t wear right now, but you don’t want to get rid of forever, renting is your perfect solution. With Our Closet, you can opt to have the clothes managed on your behalf. They will be kept in our logistics center and returned there after they are borrowed, so you get all the benefits of lending your clothes out, but without the hassle of doing it directly from your home.

Don’t worry – after each person borrows one of your items, they will be professionally cleaned!




If you scored one or more on this list, then it is a great idea for you to rent out your wardrobe. Becoming a lender is so easy to do, and so worthwhile. By becoming a lender, you turn your unworn clothes into your new side hustle, with very little effort.


Rent Out Your Wardrobe Today!

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