Ok everyone, hands up: who has bought a dress that they have only worn once?


All of us? I thought so.


I have to admit that I am exceptionally guilty of this. From the elegant, white, embroidered gown I bought especially for my graduation ceremony, to the many little black dresses I’ve purchased in a pre-night out outfit panic, my wardrobe is shamefully full of these single-use dresses.


How to Rent a Dress 1

Once a dress has been worn for an event, and we’ve got that photo in it, it is so easy to forget about it, in favour of a newer option. In my case, half the time this isn’t even a deliberate choice. My social calendar usually features one annual formal event, leaving the dress I bought for the occasion unsuitable for the rest of the year’s weekend pub trips.


As someone who is now trying to make more conscious decisions about what I wear, I feel a bit embarrassed each time I rifle through my closet and end up face-to-face with several reminders of my past irresponsible choices.


For my fellow one-time-outfit wearers, do not fret, as there is a perfect solution: rent a dress online! It is the best of both worlds, as I can still get the stunning designer dress I wanted but for a fraction of the price, meaning I no longer have to survive on supernoodles for the rest of the month to compensate for my extravagant purchases.


Renting a dress is easier than you think. Here are the five quick steps to follow if you want to rent a dress online:

1. Sign up for an Our Closet account

How to Rent a Dress 3

First things first, making your account. This is so easy; you just need to provide a photo ID to become a verified borrower. Your request will be approved within 12 hours, so use this time to start making your rental wish list.

2. Choose what you want to borrow

How to Rent a Dress 5

Warning: this may take a few hours. With Our Closet’s extensive collection of designer pieces, you might want to borrow every single one! After you have finally narrowed down your choices, book the item for your selected dates, and wait for it to arrive at your home.

3. Have a ball!

Once your dress has arrived, it is time to get glammed up ready for your party! Go out and have a fabulous time, and remember to tag Our Closet in all your outfit photos so we can see how great you look in the dress.

4. Return it

How to Rent a Dress 3

Once you have worn the dress, it will be collected directly from your home or office.

You don’t even have to worry about cleaning the dress; Our Closet’s professional cleaning partners will do this for you!

5. Repeat steps 2-4

How to Rent a Dress

Now you have discovered the more sustainable sartorial fix, you won’t go back to your single-use dress days again!


Whether you want a glamorous dress for a wedding, or a birthday party, or even want to a designer handbag to pair with all your vacation outfits, Our Closet is here to give you the endless closet that you have always dreamed of.



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