This month we are taking you inside our Founder’s closet to learn more about her style and why she loves to lend and rent a dress.

OC: Tell us a little about yourself

Rd: While originally being from New Zealand, I’ve spent the last 10 years living overseas, initially working in the resources industry (the most polluting industry in the world) which gave me the freedom to travel and pick up some beautiful items of clothing on my travels. I found I didn’t align well with the resources industry, it wasn’t fun or challenging and I didn’t love contributing to the destruction of the planet, hence moving to the fashion industry, which some cite as the second most polluting industry where I have built a sustainable and circular economy, a place we we can rent from each other in a safe, secure and fun way.

OC: Describe your personal style

Rd: I used to love competing in pageants when I was younger, growing up in the countryside, I didn’t get a lot (if any) opportunities to wear a sequin ball gown, so I made up for it with pageants. You’ll still catch me often in something with a bit of sequin or crystal. I adore sass&bide, Roberto Cavalli, Acler, Zimmermann, and Dior for something a little extra, I love the sleek simplicity and quality basics from Kookai, and when it comes to NZ fashion, I’ve got my eye on a particular Trelise Cooper leather jacket from her new collection, Karen Walker is hard to pass by, Zambesi and Ruby are icons and I’ve recently be coveting Knuefermann. Who have I forgotten?!

Rent a dress

OC: What have been your WFH staples?

Rd: A tapered linen pant from Kookai, I have them in all colours, Peter Alexander PJs, and I have a Philip Plein velour Crystal Skull tracksuit which is just as boujee as it sounds, but great for snuggling into while doing admin.

OC: What do you love about lending?

I feel like the fairy godmother dressing Cinderella for the ball! I love when my customers rent a dress and send me pics of them dressed up at their events, I love seeing how they style pieces so differently and how happy they look.

I also of course love that I can make a little money back when people rent a dress, especially off some of those statement pieces that I might only have worn once, but selling them isn’t an option. A lot of my own pieces I send to our management facility, that way I know it’s safe, it frees up closet space at home and the whole rental process is managed on my behalf so I don’t need to book the courier or arrange cleaning, it’s so easy.

You can find all my listings here in my closet

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