What is the biggest trend to emerge from the lockdown period?

Is it making enough banana bread to feed a small village?

Having an existential crisis over whether you are too old for Tik Tok?

Or, is it trying to replicate every aspect of your “normal” life through Zoom calls?

For me, it is certainly the latter. Whether it is a business meeting where I wear in a smart shirt and pyjama bottoms, or a pub quiz with my friends where I wear a nice top, and … (you’ve guessed it), pyjama bottoms, I am constantly on different video chats. All of this has meant that I have become a master of the art of dressing for a Zoom call.

The most important rule of dressing for Zoom calls is that only half an outfit is required. If only your torso is on the screen, then do not punish yourself by wearing jeans or suit trousers for the entirety of the call. There is nothing worse than sitting in tight jeans for a 3 hour-long call, then realising you could have been wearing joggers the whole time. Trust me.

Whether your call is for work or play, Our Closet’s suggestions of what to wear will help you master the art of dressing for a zoom call for any occasion!

Puff Sleeves


As if by magic, one of the biggest trends this season is the puff-sleeved garment. This is perfect for a video call, as the most interesting part of your outfit will always be on screen! Choose a dress like this one from Our Closet. 

Graphic Make-Up


Choosing graphic make-up for a zoom call is a great idea because a. it gives you a cool look for your video chat and b. learning a new make-up trend takes will take some of the surplus of free time you currently have. Whilst neon eyeshadow may be slightly O.T.T for a business meeting, it is perfect to try for calls with friends and family!


At the intersection of style and comfort is the classic turtleneck. A bold pattern turtleneck top is a perfect outfit for your next video call. If you prefer a more muted look, you can’t ever go wrong with a classic, black turtleneck jumper.

Statement Jewellery


Adding a bit of sparkle will help elevate your look. Pairing some statement earrings or a necklace with a plain white shirt will give you a more glamorous look, with minimal effort.

Hair Accessories


Dress up your outfit with a cute bandana or headband. Adding a headband, like this one from Shrimps, to a monochromatic outfit can give you a simple, but chic outfit, which is perfect for a video call.

We hope you enjoy our tips on dressing for a zoom call. By adding a statement accessory, or wearing a top in a bold print, you can look like you have made a huge effort for your call – even if only took you 10 minutes to get dressed!

If you try out any of our ideas, share them with us on Instagram at Our Closet.

Lots of love,


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